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Concrete/Dry Wall Surfacer
Ficem/Gypsum Board dry wall applied with HARDYCAST CONCRETE/DRY WALL SURFACER is the better cost effective choice over cement plastered hollow blocks and gypsum board dry partition.
• Bonds tenaciously to ficem/gympsum board and metal or wood parrings.
• Hides ficem/gypsum board joints, screws and nails permanently.
• When applied on concrete wall exhibits very high quality finish.
• Surface is very smooth, it is ready for application for best result of Adform Dirt Resistant paint or any other water based paint.
• Will not crack under any weather condition.
• Exhibits very good sound proofing property.
• Fireproof.
• Adds elegance to ficem/gypsum board.
• Improves compressive and flexural strength and impact resistance of ficem/gypsum board wall.
• Excellent weather/water resistance, can be used indoors and outdoors.
• Theoretical coverage @ 3mm thick per 25kg./bag - 4.4 sq.m.
• Very good workability, easy to apply.
• Best when applied at 2mm to 3mm thick using trowel, mortar gun sprayer, hopper sprayer gun.
Just add clean water, mix thoroughly with mortar mixing machine for big quantity or electric drill attached with mixing paddle for smaller batches.

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