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6mm Concrete Stamping
HARDYCAST 6mm Concrete Stamping is best when applied at 6mm thick is better choice over slates and s tones, outdoor tiles or 2" to 4" thick concrete stamping.
• Lookts like natural stone.
• Exquisitely handcrafted, no stamping job will be the same.
• Variety of designs and colors.
• Stamped pavement will exhibit the same or even better compressive, flexural strength than the original pavement.
• Will not crack under any weather condition.
• Very good workability.
• Can be opened to traffic in 48 hrs.
• Bonds tenaciously to concrete pavement they become monolithic.
• Theoretical coverage @ 3mm thick per 25kg./bag - 4.4 sq.m.
• We will supply the materials and tools, you do the job so its more economical.
• We also have our own crew to do the job.
Just add clean water, mix thoroughly with mortar mixing machine for big quantity or electric drill attached with mixing paddle for smaller batches.

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